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So far the daughters love the car, after my stint with the Honda EV they were pretty savvy at fining free chargers and working out their routes,, its working out to be just a little more efficient than the Honda was. I commute 10 miles to work each day, it starts out the morning with a full charge and uses about 13 miles range round trip, the trip to work is about 90% gentle down hill to flat, uses between 1 and 6 KW immediate load,,
return trip it averages 6 to 13 kw. Its most efficient on cruise control. Does a good job at riding momentum before adding power.

To make it more interesting ,, my wife's mid-size SUV was just getting totally crummy mileage for its size so we sold it. Went and bought a Model3 Tesla. She has a 20 mile 1 way commute and so far shes liking it a lot. It doesn't tent to get the kw per mile the Spark does but its a really good driving car. Easily gets over 225 miles , has a theoretical range of about 250 miles. We drove it Seattle to Portland had 50 miles range left. That was with the cruise set at 70. Ours is a standard range 2WD so a bit lighter than the AWD model. Very aerodynamic there is only a little wind noise and I found a gap filler kit to help smooth that out. Also has mirrors that fold electrically so that should help on the freeway.

So right now we are all electric, my normal daily (Old Jeep) is torn apart in the garage for the near future.. And its never going to be much of a eco rig. But it is a toy ...
If it has a motor its worth playing with.......
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