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Originally Posted by edwin View Post
My first new car was purchased in 1973. I'm em-bare-assed to say what it was.
No reason for embarassment, plus I'm sure I'm not the only one curious about what was your first car and why would you be embarassed.

I believe both types of transmissions have certain advantages ( so I have two cars ). As far as maintenance and repair , I have NEVER had to replace a clutch ( 229K miles and 14 years in Civic Si , eight years 64K miles of city driving in Mazda GLC. ).
Nowadays I prefer automatics for comfort, but a few days ago talking with a friend who moved to the UK he told me about a Passat with the dry-clutch DSG that he bought dirt cheap because of some electronic problem and sold it with a 20% loss because it was a PITA. Even though manuals became quite troublesome for me due to a problem with my knees, I'd rather resort to one of those adaptations catering to disabled drivers than spending a lot more for an automatic transmission overhaul. When it comes to clutch wear, it's quite troublesome with heavy inner-city traffic and gets even more noticeable with underpowered econoboxes while driving through hilly areas.

I'm not a huge fan of hydraulically actuated clutches , they usually need a bit of work on the master or slave cylinder now and then. But I recognize that's all they have for the last 20 years or so.
I'm also not a fan of hydraulically actuated clutches. Once my father experienced a failure of the clutch actuator on a 2nd-generation S10 Blazer, and it's much more of a PITA than a broken clutch cable which at least can be replaced with some random piece of wire at least on a temporary basis instead of keeping stranded on a roadside.
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