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I'm becoming determined to build a tiny house on the two trailer axles I have. I've hatched a plot where I'll assemble the frame under the '58 Baja bug which is currently on jack stands, raise it [the car] up to apply the decking, and then raise the whole thing up off pier blocks to add the wheels and tires.

It will be a post and beam frame (mortised and tenoned) with a rabbeted plywood diaphragm bellypan and a tension cable through the center of both axles and up to the hitch end.

My big constraint is room. I want 16ft length but I only have room for 12ft.

Just throwing down a marker. When I come up with the $300 for [wood] materials I'll start a thread in Saving At Home. Based on the Modern Prairie schooner design, with a 6ft 5in floor width:

When its's done as a flatbed it can have a [fireproof basalt] canvas roll-back top

A gothic arch with the ridge a [telescoping] trolley winch so I can load canoes/kayaks in it. Sleepers on top of the plywood and filled with rigid load-bearing insulation. Probably cedar 2x6 decking but I'd like a radiant floor heat somehow.

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