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The spark continues to hold its own, I start the morning out between 69 and 75 estimated miles,, I end the day with 58 or so ,, after 11.5 miles downhill to work and 11.5 miles uphill back to work. The car is better at managing the power than me, I get 6-7 Miles per KWH on the cars display vs 7-8 if I let the car run on cruise at 55. (That's on the way to work.. ) on the uphill return I get 3.9 vs the cruise getting 5..

The normal interior amenities work OK , AC and Heat work well and don't suck the battery dry, we shall see how it goes through the winter. The stereo is decent and the head unit has pretty simple menus for managing the setting and info.

Then there is the latest ,, My wife's tiny crossover (GMC terrain) Just wasn't hacking it for her 35 mile round trip daily.. was getting < 15 mpg often worse..

So the Spark got a new room mate..

We picked up a 2020 Tesla Model 3 2WD SR+
Its Metallic blue and our first drive in it was Bellvue Wa to Portland Or. right at 200 miles. Had 212 odo miles on it when we got it home.. and about 15% charge.

Car has a peak range of 250, I have it set to charge to 220 at night.
It only needs charged about every 3 days and does amazingly well on the Level 2 in my garage. < 2 hours on average to top it off. We are running it down to 20 -30 % if it works out in the family schedule before charging.

The sparks only lame thing I've noticed is the charger is very small really. It takes about 5 hours from almost dead. Only charges at 3KW.. But after my commute its easily charged back up in < an hour or two. It has fast charge unfortunately the nearest fast charge with J1772 is about 5 miles away. But if I need it juiced up quick that's where we go.

The Tesla's week point, which to me is surprising, is the lack of real data on the battery and motor system, there is really none of the Geek data display that both the Honda fit had as well as the Spark has. Going to have to go aftermarket and get a package to monitor it if I want real data.
If it has a motor its worth playing with.......

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