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R.G.S. White

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Pix or it didn't happen.

I found a unicorn! A thread where aerohead and Julian Edgar were getting along. Or at least trying to. It didn't go anywhere.

The paper sounds interesting, but I can't say if it's related, it's being paywalled.
My late-1970s copy of the CRC Press, HANDBOOK of CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS contained White's recipe, derived from a SAE Paper on 'Estimation of Automobile Drag Coefficients', published in 1969.
Hucho covers this work, and lists the source in his reference section.
White breaks a cars architecture down, numerically, into around 13-categories, showing the worst-to-best forms for each category.
A formula is presented, using a summation of the total, added from the 13-categories. If the 'best' of each category is used to create the composite vehicle, you arrive at Cd 0.245.
Hucho will argue the point, but it turns out that many contemporary, low-drag cars embody all the low-drag features of the thirteen categories of the 'recipe.' And one will recognize White's work when you follow Hucho et als' 'drag optimization' techniques of 1976. It's very intuitive.
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