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I've been thinking - fuel economy aside - these aerodynamic mods are going to make the car faster. Isn't it every boy racer's dream to own a fast Honda civic - far more than the drag inducing body kits and spoilers. Imagine this on a Type R. The Fast and The Furious would have nothing on it! Now, before I get banned from the forum for suggesting anything as fuel wasting as racing. I will add that as the drag coefficient goes down, the stock gear ratios become unnecessarily low now you don't need to be so far up the power band to fight Aeolus.

I have also noticed that a lot of cars (usually hatch back like my Citroen C2) just stop suddenly at the back. The air just kind of clashes together like a judge's hammer on a bench instead of "pinching" the car forward. The front of the car parts the air which needs power, but the air gains some potential energy, and you can reclaim some of it from the back end.

Could not even semi trucks have some sort of fold out or inflatible pyramid where the back trailer doors are? It would tuck back in when in town to not make the vehicle longer than it needs to be.

Another thing that is confusing is an article on Wikipedia that lists drag coefficients but a hemisphere is displayed as a lower drag coefficient than a sphere. This would seem to be wrong to me unless the hemisphere is side on - but there was an arrow pointing to the round side so I'm assuming that was faced into the wind.

Another weird quirk is whenever a car company puts out an "eco" car which has the aerodynamics of a shed. Which do you think has the most drag? A Smart Fortwo or a McLaren F1? Is there a speed at which the McLaren F1 would get better fuel economy?

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