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Here are the first results:
  • Red line diamonds - a baseline recorded in March 2019 from our Std Rng Plus Model 3. It had the stock rims and tires with the aero covers.
  • Green line triangles - recorded August 11, 2020 with 18x8 Enkei trims and 225/55R18 Bridgestone ECOPIA EP422 Plus on the rear. The front tires are the Tire Rack recommended 235/45R18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4.
At lower speeds, the lower rolling resistance tires on the rear are working great. So now I need to look at aerodynamic tricks.

My first thought is rear wheel well pants. I can test it using heavy paper/cardboard and blue sticky tape. I'll only need to replicate the 63 mph benchmark. This approach doesn't add a rotating mass to the wheels.

There are rear spoilers sold but at $700, they are pricy and I'm seeing credible data showing a significant drag reduction. But I can hack-test with heavy paper/cardboard and blue sticky tape.

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