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Originally Posted by M_a_t_t View Post
96-05 astro and safari vans have a common abs issue with a certain solder joint. It's actually a common DIY repair people do on the forum. Usually the newcomer is nervous and just buys another unit, used refurbished or brand new, then the problem comes back and they fix it themselves for the second time.
Maybe an earlier generation of ABS system is more novice-friendly than the modern ones. At least in my country, ABS only became mandatory in 2014, so it's still often considered too complex by many DIYers. I have actually seen some folks removing the ABS in older cars instead of fixing it, while others remove even the hydroboost on simpler cars originally not fitted with ABS. Another makeshift that I have seen quite often is adapting a "mechanical ABS" more commonly found on small-displacement Chinese motorcycles.
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