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the fit in winter

got my 07 fit in late 06 (but just got my scanguage tonight!).

On the subject of winter driving--last year here in Iowa City we got something like 6 feet of snow over the course of a couple months, with ice storms in between. The fit handled far, far better than I expected--maybe cause of the pricey sport tires. My old car was a beautiful 84 Honda Civic Dx hatch (RIP), and although it easily got 55 mpg highway, it also could skid and lock up in an inch of snow at 5 mph. Fit--good in snow, good in ice. Not so great with big crosswind with snow and ice.

PS: the auto is actually geared for better efficiency than the manual (and you can always use the paddle shifters on the sport if you want 5th when cresting that hill at 40). Throttle cutoff when coasting, pop it in neutral to increase roll, driving's fun again
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