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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Did you operate at W.O.T., continuously, for 12-miles ? What was the difference in B.M.E.P.?
This is typical Aerohead. Completely wrong, so changes the proposition of the argument.

You said:

My guess is, that Toyota engineered all the engine components for a limited BMEP, and adding extra atmosphere sent it over that threshold.
You are wrong. But rather than recognise that, now it becomes:

Did you operate at W.O.T., continuously, for 12-miles?
No I didn't, and that is not what was required to prove that your point was quite wrong.

The car didn't go on a dyno, but BMEP would have been up considerably - I ran highest boost at peak torque.

All in all, a good example of Aerohead's posts - about half are are wrong, misleading or irrelevant.
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