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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
The relevant 'dimensions' are the inside and outside.
No, that is 'space utilization'. Nothing to do with energy efficiency, which includes external energy absorption, as well as dissipation.

(And if energy were being solely generated inside, wouldn't a sphere have the best surface area / volume ratio, and thus the lowest radiating area versus internal volume?)

But my point is this: suggesting that for road cars 'drag is directly related to fineness-ratio' (the original Aerohead statement) is unbelievably* simplistic.

We can try to apply such a concept (ie just a dimensional ratio) to houses as well - except of course, in the real world, we can't.

* Yes, unbelievably. In more than 20 years of following web discussion groups, Aerohead is so far my Number One pick for a pseudo-expert disseminating (largely) rubbish. And boy, have I ever seen some doozies.

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