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Video Tutorial How to deep discharge your NiMH Battery pack instead of replacing it (Insight/Civic/Prius)

Hey Guys,

Haven't posted here in a while! My daily is still a 2000 Insight, and I bought it with 180k and a non working IMA system. I installed a grid charger and that limped me a long for a few years, except it worked for a shorter and shorter time period before charging. I was pricing out getting a replacement pack ($2000ish), and that's when I started reading about the success people were having with deep discharging their packs. Since my pack was sort of messed up anyway, I figured why not try this first before replacing it.

I read a TON of threads about this process, and tried it. It made a HUGE difference in the usability of my pack, and instead of grid charging 1x a month, I was able to go 2-4 months or more between grid charging. This lasted over a year, and I did it again. I've done it four times over the past 4-5 years and I'm always amazed at what a huge difference it makes, so this last time I documented my process on youtube. Please check it out and give me any feedback or ask any questions you have.

Before you replace your pack, at least TRY this, you have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to gain.

Feel free to sub if you want, I don't put out a ton of hybrid content, but I do try to make maintenance vids for the insight when I can.

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