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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
If you'll revisit Figure 2.4, page 51 of Hucho, you can see how,over the last 14.5% of the body, local pressure rises all the way back to local barometric pressure. Depending on rear overhang, and low pressure under the body, due to a diffuser, rear lift can be zero, like the VSPORT's.
You do realise that the diagram you nominate is for inviscid flow?

That is, it's for for an imaginary fluid having no viscosity?

You did read the description on the next page that states:

In the real, viscous flow there exists a drag force, but it cannot be explained by considering an ideal, inviscid fluid.

If you are using this diagram - and others with similar concepts - no wonder your theory is so divorced from the reality of car aerodynamics.


In fact, for people interested in seeing how confusion (and weird theories) can develop, it's worth having a good read of pages 51 and 52 of Hucho, second edition. It explains really clearly how a simplified aerodynamic model (ie non-viscous fluid) cannot be used to explain what happens on real cars.

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