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body inclination

Originally Posted by Andyinchville1 View Post
Hi All,

I drive a 2003 Jetta wagon with TDI engine and got to thinking the other day that if I level out my car (the rear currently sits higher than the front) I actually may get better aerodynamics ( I say this because if you extend your arm out the window and make your hand into a "wing" then when it held flat it takes little effort to hold it but if you angle it up or down you have to use extra effort to hold it).

I realize it may not be much drag but thinking every bit helps... what do you think ? has anybody leveled out their car found found that it helps aero ? ( I realize lifting is generally viewed as hurting aero but in this case I think a neutral "wing" may offset any extra bits hanging in the wind ? .... I would only be increasing the front an inch or two with commercially available kits.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Since Hucho ran VW's wind tunnel for a decade, and has published about drag sensitivity to body inclination, I'd be comfortable presuming that this aspect of your Jetta has already been addressed during development.
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