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So you are counting the maximum possible depreciation cost by trading in after one year as a cost against the Prius? Are you only allowing the Prius to be used in EV mode? That seems like an unfair use, the whole purpose is to use that 40 mile range 80% or the time but then let the gas kick in when you need longer trips. Otherwise you are hauling around that big engine for no reason.

I just think in a fair comparison, normal usage, taking in all factors, no way the cost per mile on a model 3 is 1/2 a Prius Prime. Maybe pick something less efficient or more expensive car and you would get there, but a Prius Prime is not a high cost per mile car.

Your Tesla is a $47,000 car, you don't get to reduce it's cost by counting the Prius trade value as some kind of offset. If the Prius was a mistake for you, if anything that cost goes onto the Tesla's cost, not reducing the Tesla cost. If you look at your overall cost per mile over the last 3 years you are basically doing terrible. My $3500 3/4 ton Suburban does better getting 12 mpg.

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