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For some reason I have not heard from Miss Tucson much since I came home. I video-called her when I pulled onto Mom's street, but she didn't answer, so I messaged "Home safely!" She responded "Yay!" I showered, ate dinner, ran my brother's bath, and took him for a walk. She messaged me "Everything okay? Settled in at home again?" and then told me "Sweet dreams! I am going to bed!"

Crazy J said that every mechanic in town is three weeks behind, but he would try to look at it today, although he kept repeating and contradicting himself. He mentioned me finding yet another distributor multiple times, but said that he wouldn't warranty the work unless he bought the part.

It is two bolts, right on top of the engine!

The nearest distributor is an hour and a half away, in Payson. I drove through there yesterday!

I drove through many towns yesterday...

The price has gone down $50, so I can order another from Amazon and have it here on Thursday, or I can drive an hour and a half each way to the nearest location with the right distributor, pull mine out of the car, and ask for a replacement. It would be hot, but I read "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!" I always bring a towel!

I keep thinking that a can of compressed air would really help cool down the part, but since it is attached to the engine, I wonder how much good that would do.

I tried to remove the drive gear and swap with the old one. I may have damaged the rest in the process.

This came for sale a few days ago in Show Low:

I think the paint on the hood looks worse than the remaining dents in mine, but which would be easier to fix? The tires only have 200 miles! Mine only have 200 left! 268,000 miles and a bad engine and transmission. I am not swapping over mine just because the roof is better!

The bumper isn't covered in Gorilla Tape and the back seat doesn't have dog blood!

I should be able to remove the tape, but nothing has worked so far, and the corner is damaged. Mom keeps offering to peel off the tape, but it would ruin what is left of the paint.

It really needs to be repainted, though. Peeling tape, removing adhesive, fixing the corner again, and then repainting would probably take a long time.

Maybe the DX's distributor still works!

The owner says "It dose run but it will need to be towed."

I just got out of towing an Accord!

I mean... I am pretty sure that I could tow it with my car...
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