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Glad you made it home. Have you given any thought to selling both old beaters and buying one new and more reliable car?

Your experience with your credit card is why I always carry two cards when I travel. Two credit cards and a debit card today. In the past when I only had one credit card I would take my debit card too. I also take two IDs (sometimes 3) and keep them separate. That way if my wallet is lost or stolen I still have an ID and a credit card.

I learned this the first time I went to Europe and found out most places didn't allow signatures. It was chip and pin and my credit card didn't have a pin* so none of the kiosks (like for the train and bus stations) would accept my card. That debit card came in real handy for the days it took to get the credit card straightened out.

*Turns out card did have a pin, I just didn't know it. The pin was written somewhere on the original paperwork. They wouldn't change the pin with out the original pin nor would they give it to me over the phone. Instead they mailed it to my address on file so I had to have a friend go get my mail and then email me the pin. My trip was about over before I could use my card.

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