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Excellent thread.

I came in here shortly after buying my '11JSW 6 MT about a year and a half ago and there really wasn't a whole lot here about them.

I have a year and a half now with it and here are my observations.

MPG- 42-44 has been typical, with largely hiway driving. I find the onboard computer to be a tad dishonest. Real mpg seems to be about 10% less than what it is telling me.

I've never done an entire tank where I was trying to eek out every bit of efficiency I could, but for 40-50 mile drives, I can get indicated mileage into the low 50s with a bit of effort. So, real mpg would be 46-48, maybe.

I have seen reports of deleted CJAAs getting well into the 50s. No plans on doing it yet.

So far, mine has been good, knock on wood. I attribute this to regular 3-4th gear floggings. 3rd gear 75 mph on ramp pulls don't do mpg numbers much good, but they seem to keep the dpf happy. And as long as there is any chance of taking advantage of VW's extended warranty they were forced into as part of the buy-back solution, I will be doing no deletes.

On the topic of EOCing, I am considering it for a few reasons.

1. There is some efficiency gains. Not as much as a gasser, for sure, but something.

2. When it is in DFCO, I wonder if all that cool air moving through the cat and dpf have an effect on them? Do they cool off much? Does idling cool them or contribute to them clogging?

I don't know. I do know that driving them for economy all the time does lead to DPF issues. I have a friend that had one. His wife drove it, primarily and he told me ended up getting rid of it because of DPF headaches, which he attributed to the wife's conservative driving.

So, my thought is that perhaps it is best to just shut the damn thing down during extended coasting opportunities.

Of course, I would be cognizant of things like turbo temp. I would not do it shortly after a hard pull and when I did do it, I would likely give it a good 5-10 seconds of idling or better yet DFCO before shutting down.

Does scanguage give turbo temps? Would be a nice thing to know.

Odds are I won't do this, but I am giving it some thought.
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