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The most recent news story DDG finds is from a year ago, about Zero Motorcycles providing the drivetrain. zero-motorcycles-harley-davidson-electric-bikes
The company has branched out in recent years to provide electric powertrains to vehicles from other companies, including the Utah-built three-wheel Vanderhall Edison, another ride you probably haven’t heard of unless you're into that sort of thing.
The grill is what you say. The overall proportions are from the 1930s; the side-by-side seating kills the opportunity for a needle nose. No weather protection.

Arcimoto, or at least one of the rental customers in California, proved the worth of an open-wheel front end in a 40% offset front end collision. They peeled the right A-arms right off.

I think the big advancement will be if/when Arcimoto adopts a cast aluminum upper frame to replace the steel tubes. They've struggled with adding doors to it. They've partnered with a 3D printing company and Munro & Assoc. so I expect some progress there.

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