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What's a Vesatiainen?

You've put a lot of thought into the exterior design, down to the windshield washer access panel. I think it's all wrong, but that's just an opinion. Everybody's got one of those.

Let's address that first. VW designed the Type II front end and then put it into a wind tunnel and went to a half-circular plan. It made a tremendous difference in the wind tunnel. How can you improve on the Type II? I gave it my best shot but I can't access my albums. If you can, it's titled 'localmotive' in 'Photoshops'.

As for the taper: The Template posits similar taper on the top and sides. If you follow the Template in elevation but not plan, it will induce rolling vortexes similar to the Cybertruck. Use the same taper on top and sides.

I suspect the side protection is too low. Don't bumpers need to be at axle height?

Powertrain: If you could access Yamaha's offering it would be worth it just for the sound. Another possibility is ZF: ZF Presents Its Electric Advanced Urban Vehicle

They offer torque vectoring for urban maneuvering.

On to the important stuff:
  • What's you pathway to production?
  • Why not an unpainted Stainless Steel folded monocoque floorpan with a composite superstructure?
  • Tambour door vs lift gate?

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