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Originally Posted by Taylor95 View Post
This is just a debate between what is good, better, and best. The template is good; I have seen it help some people on here. But surely it cannot be better than getting unique results to work with for your own vehicle. I don't see a problem with anyone repeating that information, especially since the template is all over this website already.
No, it's not like that at all.

I've never said that 'the template' is not a low drag shape: I'd imagine it is. But the way that idea has been extrapolated to purport to give guidance to the height of rear spoilers (this thread), to guide the shape of car extensions, to be used as some kind of benchmark when judging the aero of existing cars - all are just rubbish.

But it gets worse, because the template has then (apparently) fed into Aerohead's weird theory that flow will not stay attached if the shape curves downwards more quickly than the template - and in turn that has led (apparently) to his completely wrong theory on how lift occurs on modern cars.

It's a skyscraper built on a base of sand, and it has resulted in massive misunderstandings that can be seen across almost all aero topics on this group.
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