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The problem with renwable energy generally is not generation....but storage. There is no huge battery that we can put any excess power into for when the sun is not shining/wind not blowing/river not having enough drop etc. If those batteies existed then electric cars would be feasable transportation now.

We use electricity on an as-needed basis. The electricity made (from whatever source) goes into a power grid....when there is not enough, another generator is powered up until they are all on. At that time, if more power is demanded, brownouts happen.

If we had a way to store the energy produced during off peak hours, we would likely not be discussing this now....but we don't at this time.

So, we need do look at the on demand systems. Modern coal plants have about the same number of regulations as a nuclear plant, I would venture that A gas fired one does as well. At least the attempt is being made to be responsible with the byproducts of all of these. One way or another, we are going to have to produce more power someplace or use less someplace as the population increases and more conveniences are desired by that population until someone comes up with a better solution. Nuclear works, lets use it for now and keep looking for the way to build the better mousetrap.

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