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Right now its just a case of shut up and wait We had to file a complaint with the CA DOT criminal investigations. We have since sent all the paperwork we have to our DOT in Madison as the locals are useless. (local DOT says NEV's are illegal) Madison has said if we have a proper BOS we can get plates. Still waiting though, we paid for this thing in June.

We haven't gotten any response yet from either DOT after sending paperwork.

This is how the story started...

Basically Miles itself messed up the titling paperwork sent to the auction company, cars were sold with invalid or missing titles (one made it to me through D&D automotive). D&D being the nice place it was took my money but didn't pay the auction company once it found the title error (it also dooped me into taking the car without a title by saying it was in the car), proceded to give me a runaround, then forged my fathers signature on export paperwork. Miles in the meantime was trying to get me the needed paperwork but was stalled at the auction company because D&D refused to pay, so the auction company is holding it as evidense for possible lawsuit.

Now we are trying to get plates without a title, which "MAY" work and filed a complaint against D&D through the CA DOT but they are not very enthusiastic and forced us to send in the million pages of paperwork before they would consider "looking into" our case.

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