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where the airflow goes

Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
Anyone who still believes the template shows where airflow goes simply has their eyes shut.

Tesla Model S not obeying the template:

Jaguar XE not obeying the template:

(Colder colour = high pressure):

Honda Insight not obeying the template:

Honda Legend not obeying the template:

And of course the idea that a rear spoiler causes flow reattachment is completely wrong for any car of about the last 30 years. The rear flow is already attached...

That's why this rear spoiler, that reaches no higher than the standard car profile, measurably increases pressures on the hatch:

Rather than looking at pictures in magazines, you would learn a very great deal more by testing some actual cars.
*Do any of your example cars appear on my list?
*Do you presume that I, or anyone else has the time to waste on un-scientific testing as you conduct, with the expectation of achieving scientific results?
* And why speak as if from a position of knowledge, when your reporting clearly reveals only a grade-school understanding of lift ?
* You remain on the cusp of understanding, while appearing to demonstrate confirmational bias, and prejudice towards facts. An intellectual cul de sac.
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