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There are a couple of things that are almost certain, because of the patents that Tesla filed for in the last couple of years; tabless cells, simplified pack construction with cells immersed in coolant (rather than having coolant channels weave betwee the cell rows like now), new electrolyte additives that vastly increase the number of cycles, etc.

There are photo's of cells presumably made by Tesla themselves at the Kato Road facility in Fremont. And they are huge; over 7 times the capacity of Model 3 cells, over 10 times the Model S cells.

All of that is impressive and none of it will blow anyone's mind - and that's the very thing Musk promised Battery day will do.
So I don't really know what to expect and am just patiently waiting to have my mind blown. We'll see.

Meanwhile I have been investing in TSLA. On a small scale; just 5 shares I bought at the slump last year. Those raised like a Falcon 9 and split in 5.
I sold a few to have my original investment back so what happens next is all bonus.

I also noticed the stock is quite volatile. It can easily jump or dive 10% or more in a single day of trading.
I decided to make use of that volatility by adopting a strategy where my shares are to represent a certain amount of money; say $8000. If it rises and I can sell a share while the remainder is still above $8000 I will do so. If it drops and I can buy and still be below $8000 again I'll do so.

Now every time I sell a share it is the very one I bought cheaper earlier on, and vice versa. With every round trip I make about 5% of that share's value, and I have about 10 transactions per week so go figure; I should be able to add one share every month.

My mechanism brings extra yields when the stock jumps or dives hard. Then suddenly it trades way beyond what my buy or sell trigger would be and I can trade a couple at way bigger margins than usual.

Which brings me back to Battery Day. I will stretch the buy/sell limits a bit because I expect fluctuations will be wild. Time to take profit!
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