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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Meanwhile I have been investing in TSLA.
How do you do that? I've told Arcimoto if I could walk into their office and trade cash for shares I'd do it. Do you use a broker, or is it all in the cloud?
I first used the trade options in the online portal of my bank (ING). But after the stock split and I expected many transactions per week the cost there ($4 per trade + 0.25% of the share price) became prohibitive.
So I found an online broker (Degiro, aimed at the Dutch market) which only asks about $0.50 per trade.

I still hold the remainder of my stock at ING - the sleeping part that I will not likely touch. Degiro has the shares I am willing to trade with. If that broker was to fail I might lose that (even though there are warranties to protect the clients, but you never know); the ING-held shares are as safe as the bank - or safer still.

Of course if you want to invest you have to find a broker that suits your own needs. Here is a starting point and here's Arcimoto's stock (FUV).
I don't know whether investing in TSLA is wise right now. A year ago it definitely was since it went up 10 times in a year. But it is almost guaranteed to be quite active with lots of swings so you might plan to generate money from that tidal motion, like I do.
Likewise Arcimoto shot up 5 times since March.

Yesterday TSLA opened around $445, then spiked down to $408 and went up again to $449. I automatically bought one share at $416 and sold it again at $436, a $19 profit after transaction costs.
All the time my stock remains worth just above $8,000.

The stock movement in the coming few days will be interesting.
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