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Originally Posted by az_eric View Post
Old thread i know, but any updates? I own a 2007 2500hd classic cclb 4x4 and having hard time breaking 11mpg. Currently have headers, exhaust, volant intake, black bear tune, and e fans. I honestly haven't seen even 1 mpg increase with any of this.
My family has a 99 2500hd, same body style as yours, and it is definitely a gas hog, 12-13 mpg driving, 8-9 mpg towing. With something that inefficiently designed, small things like that won't make much of a difference until the low hanging fruit is taken care of: smaller engine, much taller geared transmission, skinnier taller tires, aerocap in the rear, and an airdam would be necessary to see any major FE gains. Other than that the #1 way to improve FE would be driving style, mazimizing coasting time in neutral or with DFCO. EOC if it was a manual.
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