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EcoModder! Wow, blast from the past. Glad it emailed me about this thread.
Having two young kiddos makes it harder to find time to care about aeromodding and hypermiling, lol. Sorry all my photobucket pics are dead. F U, photobucket. Not redoing those. Imgur for the win.

Not too many updates from me on my 03' ext-cab short bed 2500HD. I did get new wheels and tires. The Michelin LTX M/S are amazing tires, great grip wet, dry or cold. But I did go bigger and heavier... not an mpg gain, oops. Can still get solid 14-15mpg tanks in mixed driving.

My truck is up to 107k miles now. I really don't drive it very much. Went through two cheaper VW GTIs as daily drivers, both needed a bit of work and then I flipped them for modest profits after about a year each. Got used to about 30mpg in each of them, though they both required premium gas.

And then I just recently impulsively jumped on a new VW Alltrack when I realized they weren't making or selling them anymore after the 2019 models - last chance to get a turbo, 6-spd manual-trans, AWD family wagon. Only $22k NEW, with a 6-yr, 72k mi warranty. Currently getting a steady ~30 mpg in mixed driving, might be about all she can do.

Hadn't really thought about any more aeromods for my 2500HD. With only local driving to tow and haul stuff, and ~2000 miles of driving per year now, it just doesn't make sense to prioritize spending time on. BUT! We just got a new camper to haul around, which means highway trips to camping destinations. So a couple items are back on the table that I sadly never got around to - lower air dam, front wheel spats, maybe some undertray action. Will any of that matter when pulling a huge, dirty brick behind me at ~9mpg? Dunno, but seems more worth trying now.

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