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2004 Honda Civic

After reading an article about hypermiling,
which led me to lookup pulse and coast,
which led me to here.

I've been a miserly driver for years.
The current ride was chosen after looking at the Civic Hybrid,
then suffering from sticker shock.
The payback was after the payments ended and I'd be spending more per month 'til then.

The mostly stock Civic has the small engine with the auto-trans.
Typically averaging 35 to 36 MPG on a yearly basis.
Always looking for more mpg.

The commute is 48 miles one way, mostly highway,
but often in traffic.
The gas prices are killing my budget.

There are 2 external antennas on the car (ham radio) and one is huge.
I'll pull that one off temporarily to see if it helps.
but am looking with interest at all the mods you're all doing.

I've been a conservative driver to maximize mileage, but some of the threads have great tips.
I'm hoping to see you around the forum often.
Thanks for this service to the motoring community.

I am also on the website at
under the iNTRuDeR handle, trying to find the best (cheapest) gas prices around that also give good mileage.
but in these times,
All the stations are around the same price so I'm shopping for mileage now.

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