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Originally Posted by M_a_t_t View Post
I thought the 2.3% seemed high as well, but thats what the numbers say .
Have you made a mistake with the maths?

3,440 ohms closed
1,260 ohms full throttle

= 2,180 ohm range

50 ohm variation

= 50/2180 * 100 = 2.3 per cent.

(Sorry, I am bad at maths so always work out everything again.)

Interesting! I wonder if most of that 50 ohm variation is noise? You can be sure the ECU filters the TPS input.

At this stage, I'd just go ahead and do some aero testing like windows up/down and see what happens. If you are consistent in the change in speed, and the change in speed makes sense, then do some more subtle aero mod testing.
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