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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
I'm screwed for aero...

I hate the crouch and look up position, puts a kink in my neck in no time.

I do not like the lack of a control position in a recumbent, and the neck bent forwards eventually puts a kink in my neck as well.

I could probably stomach riding a trike on a long, straight and preferably mostly level path that was free of obstacles, stops, vehicles, etc. dispite the eventual neck kink. But good luck with that.

...Sitting upright but with feet forward wouldn't be bad, like in a car, but you can't pedal worth crap like that.

In other words, I like a nice upright position, where I can lean in to turns and put my feet down firmly when I come to a terrible aero.

I'll just have to go slower or accept the energy loss.
All valid points - but you need to remember that people with bikes often go to extremes. So for example a recumbent doesn't need to be very recumbent to drop frontal area, and there has been at least one bike produced where you sit upright with a forward pedal position:

It wasn't so good up hills but was a lovely comfortable bike on the flat (Giant Revive).
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