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Originally Posted by Gasoline Fumes View Post
I've been watching already (subscribed!) and enjoying the ride. Is top speed limited by power/drag, or by gearing/RPM at this point? Thanks for the MPG testing. Hoping to see MPG testing with the 420cc as well.
Right now the top speed is limited by aerodynamic drag vs power curve

Sitting in the drivers seat of this car gives the best prospective of what is limiting the top speed. After 40 MPH the aerodynamic drag takes its toll and the engine struggles for every additional MPH.

With the way the transmission is set up, you shift into 5th gear at 40 MPH and the speed creeps up to the point where the engine stops making power at 4200 RPM.

Off camera I have experimented with ratio changes on the input shaft of the transmission in an attempt to keep the engine within its power band but this only makes the car slower. ... There just isn't enough power.

That is the exciting part of the project, because all we need to do is make more power... and the 212cc engine is easily modified for more power. Anyway, we only need another 2-3 HP to get us over the goal. I have the parts to do this and that will be in the next video.
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