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Originally Posted by C90MG View Post
-Is the lexan easy to cut and bend (your roofed version was lexan wasn't it, did you have to heat it up alot or vacum form it somehow?) I noted that you said it scratched easily but do flies/bugs cause little cracks/fractures in the 'normal' screen you use or does the racked back angle limit such issues? my homebase liteglaze looks like its been in a humvee in Iraq.....
-where/how have you attached your fairing to the 90s frame?
-I've seen the fairings on that TGA site....scorchio!
Lexan cuts easily with a jigsaw and bends cold to a radius 100 times its thickness, I used 3mm so 300mm radius curve, it can be forced a little more without issues. It will not crack, it's actually bullet proof, so suitable for use in a war zone. You can get scratch resistant but it's expensive and won't bend .
Take a look at page1, I added bolt on extensions to those brackets welded to the frame with flat plates on the ends for mounting the fairing. The fairing can be removed by undoing two bolts (very handy for maintainance). The lower part of the fairing is braced by the ff footrests but not fixed (interference fit).
I'm not saying it's the best or only way to do it, you'll have to work out the best way for your particular set up.
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