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Originally Posted by C90MG View Post
-what sort of weight are the FGlass fairings ?
-You still running the lifan 110?

mine is still a 90, but I've gone a tooth larger on the front sprocket (I can 'cruise' at 45 (I know so ) now without it feeling like I'm thrashing her) until I hit a long uphill section then the old girl stays around 30 ......
I've never weighed the fairing, it's not heavy, best guess would be around 10 kilos.

The Lifan 110 is fitted to my trail bike, the Dreamliner is fitted with an ATC 125 motor that came out of a three wheeler farm bike, geared for 70mph at 9k revs. To be honest there's not much difference between them. The Lifan wouldn't fit in my 6v frame without modifications.

I'm not going to get into a Honda/Lifan shootout, there's plenty of info on the c90 board, but the extra gear makes a big difference.
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