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They would wouldn't they. They couldn't be seen to condone buying a 16 year old jalopy because that doesn't generate profits for the car manufacturers or taxes for the govt.
"They" spew a lot of hot air about reducing our emissions etc. but only if it involves blowing all your savings on some solar panel or some brand spanking new car that quite often is harder on fuel than the 16 year old jalopy. As soon as "we" start lowering our emissions by other, cheaper methods, "they" get in a huff and try to find ways to make us think thats a bad idea.
Aren't CO2 emissions connected to fuel consumption? Then if my 16 year old jalopy does 4.5L/100k to the tank then i'm as good as a new hybrid civic right? Ah but my car is unsafe. Riiiighhhtt........

ollie (still not killed in my car) ayres
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