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Normally, I'll come to defend the failure mode of CF... All that extra shattering is absorbing impact energy... I say normally, because in the case of a bike - you're still going ass over and you're still likely to have a head/neck/collar/chest impact despite the CF absorbing that extra energy...

All that said - I have a vintage Japanese (the brand escapes me) cro-mo frame at home. I found it by a dumpster, mostly stripped. The problem is - it got into an accident and torqued the whole frame... If the fork had bent or broken away, the entire frame would probably be perfectly in line...

I've seen this picture come up a few times

I think that one was from a crash caused by riding down a mountain...

Here's a more typical (when it fails) form of steel (even aluminum - although Al will fold/bend more) failure

But I tend to agree that having a bit more strength for pure commuting is a good idea
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