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They are reported to accurate at .52 a gallon per hour....

So two magnets should cut that to .27 gallons per.

I did not fully understand, did you have to cut into the body to get to the fan to add more magnets??

Are they the two black dots?? Which looked like small allen head screws??

And/OR did you add four hall effect sensors?? That could quad the readings getting down to .1320 or .132 gallon per.

So with two magnets as well, that could lower that to .066 Gallons per...

Well IF I was able to get a system (I do have a plan of one) to run with 100% vapor conversion of the gasoline, then I hope to be using 30% of the fuel normally used, then it is possible to only use .14 a gallon per hour.

This number is based on cursing at 65MPH at 1700 RPMs and normally burning 2 Gallons per hour and IF the claim of needing only 30% of that 2 gallon so 2 times.07= .14 gallon...

So again a totally insane maybe ...Then I might want that low a range...

But I suspect such a count range will be beyond the Zemco system, but at that point I would be most likely happy with a MPGunio OR just add a divide by certain number ICs to lower the range for the Zemco.

So please do share.

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