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the two black dots are the magnets ,one was fitted when purchased and the hole for the second one was already formed ,can't remember but i had some small cylyndrical magnets from RS or Digikey that fitted (1/8 x 1/8")pushed in with no work.

The rotor sits on a shft with the end sharp like a pencil to reduce sticking from too much surface area drag between the shaft & rotor.

The top of the sensor is held on by four screws sealed with a o ring ,I purchased four sensors units from futurlec over two years & they all were the same.
Initially I tried the two magnets fiitted to the rotor & the original single hall sensor fitted to the lid ,when this showed promise , I machined the lid of a second sensor assy for four hall effect devices & used one magnet in the rotor ,it worked ok except at idle ,where there was not enough fuel flow to rotate the rotor reliably.
I should also mention the Zemco sensor suffered from reading fuel vapour bubbles ,it was almost a full blown r&d project back in the 90's to get around this problem with smaller low flow engines ,this problem wasn't apparent on my 308 & 327 cid engines ,but otherwise the Zemco units were good.

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