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There are Chinese stainless steel kits you can buy for cheap. But I have heard stories of bad fit, thin tubing, and general cheapness. I chose to avoid these and stayed with the aluminized exhaust (which actually lasts longer) from the big names of Bosal and Walker. I would recommend buying the various pipes and screwing them together. I spent about three hundred buck total. I reused all of my rubber hangers; they were fine. To minimize complications with a second O2 sensor and passing emission controls, retain the original exhaust manifold and catalytic converter. Replace the A-pipe, B-pipe, C-pipe, muffler, and tip with the following components.

 2 each Walker 35129 bolt kits
 2 each Walker 31360 exhaust flange gasket: donut, 1 side beveled, 1-25/32 inch ID, 21/32 inch thick
 1 each Walker 31383 exhaust flange gasket: 2-1/8 in. I.D. hole, 3-bolt, 2-7/8 inch between bolts
 2 each Walker 31388 flat gasket
 1 each B-pipe, Bosal 291-217 or Walker 48290
 2 each Walker 31586 gasket
 1 each Walker 31378 gasket
 1 each A-pipe, Ansa HD13141
 C-pipe, gasket, muffler and tip: Dynomax 17401
 Nuts: 3 each 10 x 1.25 stainless

I was worried I would lose low-end torque with a larger exhaust, but the exact opposite was true. The OEM section of the B-pipe between the cat and the resonator was actually double wall pipe (presumable for noise reduction) with a 1.75-inch outside diameter. Subtracting the two pipe wall thicknesses and the annular space, the inside diameter was about 1.25 inches. It was tiny, and so restrictive that after switching to 2-inch I was able to stay in fifth on hills where I had previously had to shift down.
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