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First..some basics I ..see them
diesel will ALLWAYS get better mpg than gas..Ask a trucker.
Turbo will help any diesel LOTS..( been there , done that)
Water injection helps air density, keeps a turbo cooler.

Start ..with a Three cyl. Turbo diesel , with water injection.
next..old school semis had " two speed rear ends" which theory could give
the effect of "double overdrive" ..Squeezing the Horsepower out of the torque. .so to speak.

Recall that a 55 nash metro ..would get great mileage, was a square brick, no plastic, or aluminum even, no fuel injection, no computer. If one swapped a diesel ..gain of 20-30 percent.
If aerodynamic..Huge gain...
LRR tires..more gain still..
I feel it is possible...if approached in this manner. !

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