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OK here is the theory behind this claim.

ONLY vapor burns, but getting gasoline into a vapor sate is not easy, so cars rely on the fuel droplets vaporizing on their own, in carbs some happened when was mixed with air from the carb to the combustion chamber. Some might be happening with Throttle Body Injection as there is some little time for the air and fuel to mix on its way to the combustion chamber.

This no longer happens with port injection and direct injection.

So now we have to now rely on the heat in the combustion chamber to try to convert the fuel to vapor, note there is no real time so only 20 to 30% gets converted.

Also gas burning in an ICE needs a lot of lead time so we start this burning up to 40 degrees BEFORE Top Dead Center, and sadly it keeps burning after the power stroke and as it exits the engine and then in the exhaust manifold and so on. ALL wasted.

Vapor on the other hand burns very fast, and needs no advance start to its burning, so it can be fired AT TDC and then can product full power for the power stroke from TDC to BDC (Bottom Dead Center) And it can be all consumed at that point so there is NO burning fuel exiting the engine.

So this will use the same amount of fuel to do the work and none is wasted so the extra 70 to 80% is not needed.

Yes as the normal system is so poorly using the fuel running lean will increase the amount of heat made and thus burn valves etc.

This will not be a problem if ALL the vapor is burned during the combustion and power stroke, and not during the exhaust stroke.

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