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I know of Poque carb, the Fish carb and the GEET device.

I am also aware of the junk in current gasolines and how unless you can convert 100% to vapor you will end up with goop.

Here is a interesting idea, I am told that you can convert 100% of todays fuel between 800 and 1200 degrees F.


Originally Posted by acparker View Post
Gasoline vapor engines only worked with straight run naptha. Cracked naptha will leave goop behind that tends to fill tanks and clog vital parts. Every miracle vapor system I have read about has failed because of that goop. The Pogue carburetor suffered the same fate as the industry switched to cracked naptha to meet increased demand for gasoline.

Paul Pantone, of GEET fame, had the same problems, which he turned into a parlor trick, filling his bubbler with coffee and soda, etc. with a little gasoline. The bubbler distilled the flammables with water vapor, which ran the engine, and the rest stayed behind. His reactor had some merit, as it created, when working properly, a plasma which could break down the flammables and water vapor.

The Navy funded research at MIT into the use of plasma (Plasmatron Fuel Reformer - a modified spark plug) to breakdown diesel to create a hydrogen rich gas that could improve combustion and emissions. (It could do the same to water vapor, with a catalyst.)

I am late to his thread so I am not aware of what you decided about a body shape. If you are still looking, consider the post WWII microcars, particularly the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller. Good luck.
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