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1937 Ford would be the one year only tube axle. Racer's found that the round axle and the I-beam with lightening holes had similar drag.

By welding steel that I shape and/or that's already shaped, such as body parts from cars.
Pie cuts. It's surprising how far you have to cut to get a smooth curve. Curved edges instead of straight ones. (Can't find an example pic) The best VW top chops have the B-pillar cut a fraction of an inch less than the A and C-pillars. This forces the B-pillar into a better curve.

corrugated rubber boots.
Like a drive axle boot or an articulated bus. The axle experiences pitch and roll, the radius rods constrain yaw. Fillets are much better than gaping holes.

I like the other geodesic one you post that has a greenhouse.
It was supposed to have a similar windscreen, that was a Gurney bump for your head to bounce into. I haven't posted these in a while. They date from mid-1990s:

Here's a Westergard-style Messerschmitt:


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