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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Nobody would die if the checks stopped coming. We already have homeless with mental issue and drug addictions living on the streets, and they are overfed and don't die of malnutrition or exposure.
Except for the ones that do die. I invite you to walk though a homeless camp if you think the homeless are fat and happy - I used to almost every day when I was going into work instead of working from home.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
If some sort of UBI is implemented to replace SS, it needs to come from the general fund, not workers today paying for retired people today. The ratio of workers to non-workers is not a constant.
Social Security does come out of the general fund. When SS taxes exceeded spending the extra went to the general fund. When SS taxes stopped covering current benefits years ago the general fund made up the difference and the virtual SS checks keep going out every month. Why do you expect that to stop for our generation?

Do you really think a politician is going to vote to kill off our SS benefits? The accounting is easy to fix. The whole "Social Security is going bankrupt" is political theatre.

I agree it is stupid have a separate lines for income, SS, and Medicare taxes but that is just naming semantics.
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