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CD v Weight

Drive ANY vehicle at 20 MPH average and your MPG will be great. In Texas 20 MPH speed signs are only seen in school zones. Also, a 2.2 ton vehicle is NOT a good comparison to a daily driver weighing 1500 pounds less. DRAG is not a force to be dealt with until the vehicle goes faster. In fact, the faster one goes the more CD impacts economy. You are correct about stopping and starting. As the science says, A MASS IN MOTION TENDS TO STAY IN MOTION, AND A MASS AT REST TENDS TO STAY AT REST. One must use energy to move a vehicle off a static position, and use more energy to stop it. Stop-and-go in town is probably the single biggest drain on MPG. Your 2.2 ton vehicle seems to be set up perfectly for the task at hand. Congratulations.
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