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weight vs drag

I guess I misunderstood your post. Looking at a very small engine pulling a heavy vehicle, it looks as if gearing is a major factor, coupled with the number of gears in the tranny, plus the height of the driving tires. Like I said, you must have an almost perfect combination. Overcoming weight is the single biggest factor in stop-and-go city driving as it relates to economy. My work is in building a vehicle for ALL TYPES of driving under normal conditions. If one simply adapts driving habits MPG can be improved, but the vehicle must be built for the task it is assigned. I am an old car builder who puts the overall LOOK of the vehicle near the top of my objectives, with efficiency at the very top, which causes compromises in all areas. A butt-ugly car that gets great MPG probably won't sell, and one that is what we call a Trailer-Queen Show Car, that gets very poor MPG, probably won't sell either. I think my reading of your post was me not understanding your parameters...MY BAD.
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