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Who are you talking to?
Did you even read the thread before commenting?
I said NOT to use active rectification, instead use AC rotor current rectification.
I said use a 24v alternator and convert it to 12v. I never suggested changing everything in the vehicle to be 24v.
The fuel saving will not be 1%, we already know alternator delete saves 10%, and an alternator is 50% efficient, so a 100% efficient alternator would save 5%. But you have made the silly assumption that fuel economy is the only incentive. It can pump out 400A when required.

Have you heard of money?
I'm willing to bet that my design would be cheaper to manufacture. If you kept the same 50A output, you could do it with far less copper for a start. No fan, less aluminium, smaller bearings etc. It would be 1/4 the size
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