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I have a similar problem, my car runs like dogsh*t sometimes after hypermiling, needs a good thrash.

Normal driving (keeping it loaded at low rpm) it clogs up something (i'm not sure what.. EGR?) and thrashing the car helps.

Normal thrashing can help sure, but also in a low gear (2nd gear 40-50mph on my Jazz) high RPMs i find transitioning from lowest throttle state (that's not DFCO) to max throttle state, over and over to help. I think this makes the ECU move the EGR a lot and can solve the sticky valve somewhat.

My throttle pedal is definitely adapted to the driver, it becomes more relaxed when i drive it (changing mapping mid drive sometimes which is annoying, my rev matched downshifts can be messed up by this a little). But when the car is running bad, it feels like it's always in both too high and too low a gear. (hard to explain really).
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