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Wink The proof is in the pudding

I had a wee look at the comments about Ethos FR and feel I should give you a wee heads up. I have used this in Scotland for 18 months and estimate that I have got around 5,000 extra miles - a saving every time I fill up of around 15% of my fuel bill. My engine emissions are well down. It works!

I have been so impressed with Ethos FR that I have now (mid Sept 2008) negotiated the UK licence to supply Ethos FR to public and corporate sector organisations - not on any MLM arrangement but a more traditional retail and distribution business model.

I am involved in a variety of business networks and a number of businesses in Central Scotland now use Ethos FR. Indeed, one joinery business used this before I went over to the USA to finalise things with the licence and upon my return they had secured 3 more customers as they had been so impressed by the product.

Bill Young, weekend presenter on Talk 107 Radio (East Central Scotland station) tried the product and had back live on air to reveal his findings. His first word was "amazing". In 6 weeks he had saved around 60 (roughly 12% of his fuel costs), the performance of his car was noticably improved and he even had the emissions checked at his local garage - they were well down. He was good enough to speak to the local newspaper and confirm all of this - not just live on his own show but in print.

I am not a network marketing fan and MLM is not a traditional business practice in the UK. It is fine to guess about a product and knock it without actually knowing if it works. Why not try it? I know that it works. I have many small businesses in Scotland who can confirm this, in addition to my own actual experience. I am so confident that I have made my own way to the USA to negotiate my licence and already have the first 2 councils in Scotland lined up to trial it.

Three councils in Florida have now signed up to use Ethos FR in all of their vehicles - North Miami council believe that the can cut their carbon footprint by 500 tons a year using Ethos FR as well as make around 10-12% savings on their fuel bill. There are serious fleet operators in the USA who have used this product for years.

It is fine to be scpetical - as I was before I used it - but please don't knock a product just because you have not tried it and just guess at its validity. I am saving money and reducing my own carbon footprint. I am now going to help UK councils and companies to potentially save money and cut their carbon footprint with a product that does exactly what it says on the bottle.

I hope that this is helpful. I am very committed to cutting waste, recycling and making a better world. I have been practicing these for over 20 years, so Ethos FR is a great part of what I do. In fact, I was at the Envirowise Awards in West Lothian only last night - one of the forums where I work with others to help build this better world I want to see.

Enjoy your driving but please be a little more open minded about the product. It is brilliant.

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