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Courage - '07 Ford Focus ZX3
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Hello and help please :)

Hi everyone! I have acquired a 2007 Focus ZX3 2.0l with 210K miles and a blown MTX75 transmission for no cost other than my sanity. I received the car form my girlfriend so, as a shadetree mechanic and all around tinkerer I already have a history with this car and have had mixed feelings on what to do with it. That is until I discovered this forum.

I have thought about cutting this car into pieces simply for amusement and considering I have a 90 mile commute every day, what better goal could I have than to save money on fuel!

I would like to start a build thread to chronicle this project, but I know how some forums get about newbies posting in the wrong places so if someone could drop me the right link that would be swell. I am eager to see what I can learn from this community and apply to poor old Courage!

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